The European Arabic Engineers Union (EAEU) was founded because of the necessity to gain an effective cooperation in the area of technology and science between Europe and the Arab World especially in the field of energy, environment and infrastructure. The EAEU has no political or religious goals.
Building on the principles of mutual benefit and understanding, the Arab countries and Europe can gain great advantage from increased cooperation in technology and science as well as from wider economic and social development.
The main goals of the EAEU are:

  • To improve the Arab / European relationship, especially in the fields of science, technique and culturally understanding.
  • To support research, new business ideas and exchange experiences between Arab / European engineers.
  • To organize technical and scientific events (conferences, fairs, workshops).
  • To support Arab / European companies and their investments in all engineering fields environment, energy, infrastructure and other.
Information & Networking:

  • Professional assistance in personal contact between Arab and European engineers.
  • Support with initiation of cooperation ties and searching for adequate scientific partners.
  • Regular organization of delegation trips for Engineers on both sides are organized to establish and to extend their contacts.
  • Participation in Engineering conferences and fairs in the Arab world, in Europe and world-wide.
  • Newsletter: Regular newsletter with reports on the latest Engineering topics and projects.
  • Website: the website provides extensive Technical and scientific data.
  • Contact: The EAEU can provide information’s and necessary contacts to engineers or companies that are interested to expand their cooperation and business into Europe or Arab counties.

Training & Education:

  • science and technology training seminars.
  • Business and economy training seminars.
  • Cultural and legal training seminars.
  • Multiplicity of events and seminars on different themes.
  • Registration at universities: The EAEU can help Arab Student and engineers to register at European universities for studies, research and Ph.D.
  • Teaching: The EAEU can help European professors to teach at Arab universities.

Engineering Consulting:

  • Consulting: The experts of EAEU can help our members in all engineering fields. They can give you in high-tech topics and projects very gut and first class consulting, studies and technical information’s.
  • Experience: The EAEU offers its experience to European and Arabic members in the field of science and technology.
  • Project Partners: The EAEU can be a good Partner for you in all sectors of engineering and economy. They are also prepared to work in the Arab countries.