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The European Arab Engineers Union will organize in october 2015 in Germany a forum ( about Engineering in co-operation with following organisations:

European Arab Engineers Union

League Of Arab States

Federation of Arab Engineers

Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization

Arab Science And Technology Foundation

Union Arabe des Geometeres Topographes

European Arab Engineers ForumThe science and technology are the basis for economic, social and technological development in the modern world. Globalization, the scientific developments in all areas of life and the international economic struggle require great effort and progress in society; particularly in the areas of education, training and technical development. The EAEU has always endeavoured to ensure our award-winning members are supported by the best experts, teachers and international specialists.

Target groups

1 - Engineering offices: This includes all engineering fields. As we know, in Europe there are a large number of European engineering firms, which have high level of “know-how.” They are interested in working in the Arab world where huge projects are being planned and constructed. There are also Arab engineers who are very interested in cooperating with European engineering companies. In the next thirty years in the Arab countries, there will be a great demand for large projects in roads, airports, trains, construction, environment, energy, medicine, engineering, universities and training.

2 - Engineering Industries: This includes in particular small and medium-sized businesses. As we know, there is a young and modern Arab industry, which would benefit from the experience of European industry. Here lies the importance of this forum, which allows the opportunity for a smooth and constructive cooperation between the two industries. The Arab market is an attractive market for European industry. It has a strong purchasing power due to the availability of raw materials and natural resources.

3 - Universities: This includes public and private universities and training institutes. The forum gives an opportunity for Arab universities to integrate and cooperate with universities from Europe and around the world, especially in the field of scientific research.


- We have European professors that are interested to teach at Arab universities.

- We have European universities that are interested to sign agreements for double-Degree programs or joint ventures.

Scientific research:

- The European universities have lot of projects in scientific research that are financed from European industry or from European governments.

- The Arab universities can co-operation with European universities in these projects by professors, Students, laboratory and other things.

- The Arab universities can liquidate projects in the Arab countries. Arab and European universities can work together in these projects.

The objectives of forum are as follows:

1 - Support the scientific and technological cooperation between Europe and the Arab states.

2 - Creation of real chances for new projects and investments in science and technology.

3 - Opening of the Arab and European markets for engineering and engineering industry.

4 - Development of new programs for the training of engineers.

5 - Cooperation between Arab and European universities, especially in the field of scientific research.

6 - Combination of relationships and partnerships between Europe and the Arab world.

7 - Participation of immigrants of Arab engineers at several scientific conferences in the Arab world.

8 - Promoting immigrants of Arab Engineers for the establishment of investment companies in engineering projects to strengthen economic and scientific development in Arab countries.