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“Berlin Communications Week”, ICIN Three relevant events will take place in Berlin, Germany in mid-October:

 ICIN 2010Weaving Applications into the Network Fabric - The Transformational ChallengeOctober 11-14, 2012, Berlin, Germany

Many of the topics addressed by ICIN are far from concluded and we will see interesting developments in the coming year. We would like to highlight some areas where we expect significant progress to be reported at ICIN:

  • There are many programming methods, APIs and standards (de jure and de facto) in our industry. Could the number be reduced in order to ease the complexity for Application Developers and stimulate an increase in the number of applications in the various "TelCo Application Shopping Malls"?
  • The TelCos' Service Delivery Platform is being challenged but can also be complemented by new initiatives from the WebCos. The Telco SDP should use services from the web and add the unique capabilities and data possessed by the TelCos. The TelCos' SDP APIs should be made available to WebCos and the outside developer community. Service execution should also be considered by means of cloud computing.
  • Home networks are an imminent possibility and many new devices will be connected in these networks. Do we understand the impact on the service layer and the bandwidth requirements in different parts of the network?
  • Web 2.0 technologies such as social networks, wikis and blogs have entered into the enterprise and employees have started to use them for internal collaboration. An early usage study from inside a large enterprise was presented at ICIN 2009.
  • Many new things and machines will be connected and communicate over the bit pipes in the future; what requirements will they put on the industry? The revenue from each "thing" might be low but the number of things will be enormous thus creating new revenue streams for the various players in the ICT domains.

These developments will be presented and debated at ICIN 2012 scheduled for 11-14 October 2012 in Berlin, Germany.


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