Saturday 16th of January 2021


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A delegation of European Arab Engineers Union (EAEU) participated on 16-18 November in the 25th Arab Engineers conference in Tripoli, Libyan. In this conference have participated delegations from 17 Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, United Arab emirates, Syria, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Tunisian, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Libyan, Sudan, palatine) and 265 Arab researchers with papers from different scientific areas.



Dr.-Eng. Jihad Al Chami (president of EAEU) held a presentation about “The role of scientific research and technical development in the industrial and social development in the Arab World”. Dr. Al Chami clarified how the Arab countries can reach a good industrial and social development. He remembers that the EAEU can help the Arab countries to reach these goals. Dr.-Eng. Alexander Fahro and Eng. Ashjan Al Shaarani held a scientific paper about “ Energy efficiency refurbishment”.The European Arab Engineers Union wins in these good connections with presidents of Arab Engineers Organizations. We will try to make from these connections cooperation in different projects and activities.    




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