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ERBIL International Fair 2009

Exhibition Overview 


The Northern Gateway to Iraq is an attractive logistical hub for international companies 

With a young and increasingly prosperous population of nearly 4 million, Kurdistan covers about 40,000 km2. It enjoys stable security coupled with an emerging economy. The Region has two new international airports, one in Erbil, the capital of the region, and the other in Sulaimaniya, with over 80 direct flights per week, from Vienna, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dubai, Amman, and Istanbul. A liberal investment law, ratified by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) offers foreign investors incentives including customs relief, tax holidays and the right to repatriate profits. Kurdistan has a regulated banking & finance sector that provides a variety of banking services. Over the past few years, northern Iraq has offered exciting investment opportunities for international reconstruction players. Efforts by the Kurdistan Development Corporation to attract top-caliber international investment to a region that has been described as the Northern Gateway to Iraq are fruitful. With over 105 private sector investment projects worth over $16 billion in Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Duhok, opportunities are abound for everyone. The 5th edition of the Erbil International Fair in 2009 is set to provide a unique platform for companies, investors, entrepreneurs, professionals and exhibitors in general to develop business networking.


Be a key player in one of the most comprehensive trade events ever held in Iraq 

Exhibitors eyeing Iraq’s huge reconstruction process and the billions of business dollars it is generating in addition to the unmatched opportunities Northern Iraq is creating will be able to display their multitude of products at Erbil International Fair 2009. Erbil International Fair 2009, organized at the northern gateway to Iraq, will highlight the vast scale of reconstruction needs in the region encompassing various fields including tourism, production, agriculture, finance, education (private universities), health (private hospitals), commerce (the construction of shopping centers) and housing. 16% of the investment projects are funded by foreign investors, 25% of investment projects are funded by foreign and local investors, and 59% of investors are Iraqis. Erbil International Fair 2009 will offer exhibitors an exceptional opportunity to meet buyers and decision-makers from all over Iraq. Participants will enjoy direct access to the Kurdistan region and central Iraqi government officials and contractors involved hands-on with reconstruction projects throughout Iraq. Materials supply and technical cooperation contracts worth millions of dollars will be signed. Erbil International Fair 2009 will be one of the most comprehensive trade events ever held in Iraq. The show is organized by IFP Iraq and IFP Group (International Fairs and Promotions), the region’s leading exhibition organizers with a successful record of more than 360 internationally-accredited trade shows in the Middle East over the past 28 years. 


Erbil, the booming capital of Kurdistan and a business hub in the region 

Erbil International Fair 2009 will be held in the capital and seat of the Kurdistan Regional Government, a historic city known locally as Hawler. Today, Erbil benefits from a strategic location along trade routes between Sulaimaniya, Duhok and Kirkuk. It lies on fertile agricultural lands and is an important center of oil production, as well as textile, carpet, food and cigarette manufacture. Home to prominent schools and universities, and to the offices of international NGOs serving the region, Erbil is an important center of education, trade, tourism and political activity. The flourishing Kurdistan region is also attracting local and international companies. The Erbil International Fair 2009 offers manufacturers, investors and traders unparalleled opportunities to network and share knowledge. Exhibitors will display technologies, products and services – including renowned global brands. From electricity, banking and insurance, transportation, telecoms, consumer goods, clothing and apparel, to education, furniture, healthcare, oil and gas, and water technologies, it will all be covered by the Erbil International Fair 2009.


Professionals, officials and decision makers all under one roof 

Building on four years of success, the Erbil International Fair 2009 offers a perfect forum. It will underscore Kurdistan’s and Iraq’s rapid economic development, and will showcase the best the world has to offer in technology, products and services. National and international industry leaders and experts will mingle with the region’s leading investors and international supply representatives, across every sector - from health, household goods and agriculture, to education, finance and water distribution. Prominent public officials with purchasing and specifying powers will be attending. The show will also attract local Iraqi distributors, agents and traders, service suppliers and industry stakeholders. The Erbil International Fair 2009 will offer unparalleled access to an exciting and varied emerging market.


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