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The European Arab Engineers Union (EAEU) was founded because of the necessity to gain an effective cooperation in the area of technology and science between Europe and the Arab World especially in the field of energy, environment and infrastructure. The EAEU has no political or religious goals.

The EAEU has promoted good relations between Europe and the Arab world. The Arab world has established itself as one of the most dynamic and potentially rewarding regions for doing technical and scientific development and investments in the past years. An end of the economic boom is not yet in sight. Across the Arab world encouraging moves are being made to liberalise economies, break down barriers to development and investment and provide a basis for long term and sustainable economic growth. The size of the region's population of over 300 million people and the connected market is a unique opportunity for European economy. European companies and engineering organizations are welcome in the Arab countries and to participate in the continuing economic and technical growth. They are appreciated for their reliability and quality of products and services as well as for the respected and trusted cooperation with Arab companies and organizations.

Building on the principles of mutual benefit and understanding, the Arab countries and Europe can gain great advantage from increased cooperation in technology and science as well as from wider economic and social development. Europe's small- and medium-sized companies have great potential for export and investment. The full potential is not yet realized by far. Many European companies and engineering organizations undervalue the enormous chances which Arab countries offer. To ensure sustainability in the economic development, all Arab countries must modernize their national economies and diversify and strengthen their private sectors at their respective pace. May this Union be of good partner for all Arab and European engineers.

The EAEU organizes conferences, fairs, commissions about technical and scientifically topics. The main goals of the EAEU are:
  •          To improve and support the Arab / European relationship, especially in the fields of science and technique.
  •          To improve the international understanding between Europe and the Arab world
  •          To support research and new business ideas
  •          To exchange experiences between Arab / European engineers
  •          To support training of engineers
  •          To organize technical and scientific events (Congress, conferences, fairs, workshops)
  •          To work for a technical standard in the Arab world
  •          To support Arab / European companies and their investments 
  •          To create projects in the field of environment, energy, infrastructure etc. to improve the life standard of people in the Arab world

These goals and the engagement of a group of professors, engineers and business men were the main reasons of the foundation of the EAEU


Cooperation partner

بالتعاون مع
Swan Schule
في مدينة أيسين، نقدم دورات لغة ألمانية، لتحضير لامتحانات القبول للجامعات الألمانية ودورات اختصاصية للمهندسين

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