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World Wind Energy Conference & Renewable Energy Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt, 31. October - 2. November 2013. 

The WWEC 2013 will present as well as highlight:

  • The latest technologies in the wind energy field
  • Regional cooperation for an accelerated wind and renewable energy deployment.
  • Integrated regional renewable energy solutions, covering also solar and other technologies.
  • Challenges that the wind energy market face, including strategies on how to enhance an emerging wind industry, in cooperation with international partnerships.
  • Address the national policies as well as the funding opportunities for the RE in the region

Cooperation partner

بالتعاون مع
Swan Schule
في مدينة أيسين، نقدم دورات لغة ألمانية، لتحضير لامتحانات القبول للجامعات الألمانية ودورات اختصاصية للمهندسين

Theaterplatz 3
45127 Essen
Tel: +49 201 50682816

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